Anny ze Smolinky

patterdale terrier
born 27.03.2003
breeder: Slavicek Josef, Hrusice 64, Tynec nad Sazavou

17.05.2008 Kutna Hora Shire show / open cl. / exc.1, class winner (B.Svajdova)

The breed is not FCI recognized breed and therefore is not allowed to take park on any actions organized by CMMJ.

Anny came to our place in the end of 2007, when her previous owner wanted to get rid of her. She was very shy from the beginning, but she joined working group in our pheasantry very fast. Anny is willing for holing and has already some experiences. She likes to hunt game, but she is not retrieving, as her skills were not developing since her young age. She is a good climber too and therefore it is not easy to close her anywhere, she can escape through key-hole. But not out of our yard. Anny is wirehaired, rare variety of PTT, but it is not easy to make a good picture of her. She doesn't like to be the object of my camera.
Anny became great hunter and fighter. Til today she hunted a fox and a pine-martin without a help of human. She seems to be very soft and calm at the firts sight, but when coming to the fight has a heart of outstanding fighter. Contrary of other PT (Aris and Risa) she is attacking uncompromisely, but very carefuly and til now she managed o avoid to any hurts.
In 2008 Anny gave birth of red pupps sire by Aris. They are more then one and half year old so it is time to evalate them. All 4 puppies are very well in exterier (female was tortured to death by urchins who stole her from her new home...), vut what we appriciate the most is their hunting gift. Quick, Quasimodo, Quido and Querk started to work since thair childhood, their owners admire them and love them! Quick is the most experienced one - he already dealed with an adult fox and also tried to meet bigger wild animals. Also Querk, pet for the most of his life, had to meet face to face with big shot-up boar and together with Anny, Rísa and small blue gascogny hounds blocked it for more than hour! And Querk showed his courage – fighter brave that his years are torn now. Also Quido got few scars in his hunting life. We do not have any news about Quasimodo. So far we know he is train to follow shot-up games. We are looking forward for any other news about this litter Next litter followed in 2009, this time sired by black male Yrrk Srdcove Eso. Seven puppies were born, they already begun to hunt as well. All are high quality in exterier! Miki already found a shot-up roe, in his not fully grown half year!
Patterdales do not live long - this is the fact learnt from our experiences - already few descendants of Anny died. Quido did during hinting a wild big. Rachel was hitted by car while chasing game across the road. Matylda was killed in dog fight.

Anny died in December 2016, she was nearly 14 years old.

Anny and Risa while following the predatory animals.



Socialization with children

Reebecca and Efendi




Uncle is gentle

Strýček again teaching

8 puppies in this litter


litter 2009

with friend Kulicka




Brothers Quido and Mordred




Mordred and Karkulka

Mordred with his little friend.

Beautiful couple
Infront Karkulka (Aris x Tiky),
behind Mordred (Yrrk x Anny).


Mordred is handsome

the red one is Mordred



pupps together

dad under attack

dad, mum and kids


Little reds

Aligator on its back

Quasimodo Dec. 2008

Querk, 3 mounths

Querk is learning


Quick 12/2008

Quido as a child

Quido hunts

Quido when his rough hairs appeared.

Quido is like his mum

Quido hunts

Offsprings of Anny are outstanding in many disciplines, it was a great step for our kennel!
Those of them who have an opportunty to hunt are great in all kind of hunting. All four brothers from litter „Q“ work great with wild pigs. In adition Quido, through his handicap of bigger body, passed exams of earth hunt ( in Slovakia ). We are so sorry that conditions in our country do not allow us to take a part at any competition and we have to travel to Slovakia!




Mir hunts in Italy, smalller game and also predatory animals.
Matylda works in pheasantry and her owners appriciate her ballanced character and her abbility of guarding.
Mordred is not led for hunting career but he became Czech Champion of beauty.

Ráchel is still young but she already went through earth hunting and hunting on the ground. Firth time she met an predatory animal she was 7 months when she met badger. Her owner lays many compliments to her.


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