Asterix ze Smolinky /RICHA/

patterdale terrier
stud male
born: 27.03.2003
breder and owner: Slavicek Josef, Hrusice 64, Tynec nad Sázavou
Lives at: kennel "z Taranky"

excellent 1

Hunting exams:
The breed is not FCI recognized breed and therefore is not allowed to take park on any actions organized by CMMJ.

Asterix, called Risa comes from Hrusice, from the kennel of Mr. Slavicek, who found as the first one from employee of Konopiste pheasantry great abilities of this little dogs. Since he brough his first female, Ketty z Rajicku, few years passed away and during that time PATs became really respected and famous breed in our shire. So today we can meet a lot of them at our hunts. It is sad that they work very well but anyway according to our legislature other breeds have to participate as well!
Risa was our first PAT ever and he won our hearts. He is nice, pet and loves to work. Thanks to Mr. Slavicek.
In season 2010 Risa worked with Mr. Konvicka and his self confidence raised very much. Too much to be able to compare his size to a big boar. Conflict with this male in president game-preserve in Lany was too hard for him he was badly hurt and he is still healing from the attack. It possible that he will have disability for the rest of his life. But none of his enthuasism for hunting was taken by this health complication. He has a heart of a fighter.
Risa went over the rainbow bridge 12.3.2013, after hard fight with wild bigs.

GPS in necesary

Strong trio for a hunt

Hurt in hunt

Rísas victim

Totally tired after hunt


Loves to be in water

Risa pays attention

Risanek aport

Risa is having a rest

I love boars my own way...

I keep him!

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