Augia z Mackovy hory

brittany (white-orange)
born: 29.6.2006
breeder: Ludmila Polakova, Mlynska 30,
Ruda 271 01 Nove Straseci CZ

11.5.2007 Konopiste - club / young cl.: very good 2 (Vaclavik)
28.10.2007 Kuroslepy - special / intermediet cl.: exc. 1 (Navratil) 13.5.2012 Konopiste - club /working cl. - Exc.1, CAC, Club Winner (Václavík)
Hunting axaminations:
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Augia is new "hope" of ur kennel. I choosed her only for the pedigree and my expectations were right. She has a great temperament and she looks very perspective. Augie is owned by Mrs. Nada Duskova, my sister and very good trainer of brittanies. This years results shows how fast is rising her career.
In the end of 2007 my sister took Augia for training FT.S ince that time Augia has one succes followed by another. She came back to our kennel to have al´litter. She had nce pupps, sired by Giobak, of which she was taking very good care. But with coming of new hunting season she had to go back to Mrs. Duskova and we hope she will continue to collect laurels.
2013: Last year Augie had her second litter, registered and bred in kennel of my sister Mrs. Duskova. She had five nice males sired by Torro z Taranky. They are very young but their pedigree gives us big hope in their quality.

January 2017: Augia moved to my sister Nadja, who was training her and later also attended some competitions. She had two litter, "A" sired by Torro z Taranky, out of which come two stud dogs, Assa and Argus Bohemis Victoria and litter "B" sired by Artur ze Samoty Nouzov, out of which comes Barcarolle, CAC, Club winner and BOS Konopiště 2016, and also male Bodian, who is actively used in hunting practice with birds in Belgium. Today Augua is retired but from time to time she has a chance to prove her hunting qualities.

Daughter Assa Bohemis Victoria
CAC and Specialty show winner

Son Bodian Bohemis Victoria, CAC

Daughter Barcarolle is little but her retrieveing is natural.

Argus Bohemis Victoria

Augia in veteran class, Konopiste 2016

Her daughter Barcarolle became Club winner

Augia, Club Winner 2012

Going forward


Trip to Mt. Rip

Augua on FT in Bruntal

8 months

5 months
- only big ears and legs!


Robur z Taranky,
son from the first litter,
stud male

Augia and Robur




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