Chikita z Lhotecké linie

beauceron black and tan
Born: 22.3.2014
Breeder: Jana Šimáková, Písková Lhota, ČR

After two years of sadness I was not able to refuse an offer from my friend Jana and chose a baby girl out of numerous litter by Buginka. Even after promisses /"she will stay outside, she will stay in kitchen, but not on the sofa..."/ all went back to the old days and she does as Stampa did. Now Chikita sleeps on our sofa, which I use as my own bed during the night - naturally with Chikita.
She is not exactly as Stampa in character. She does not believe to strangers but as soon as she knows them she is friendly and playful. She is also huge piece of dog as well and I am much older than I used to be when Stampa was small. So from time to time our plays are a bit rough to my own well being. After I reproach: "If you will hurt me, who do you think will take care of you?!" and she looks very sorry which will not save me from being striked down within next few minutes.
I started to raise her as my helper in pheasantry since age of 6 months and she is quick learner. She is already pointing birds, which can not be said about all pointing dogs in this age.
So I am looking forward what will grow up from my sweet little puppy!
(December 2014)

Chikita has grown up and now I can see her true qualities. Huge, but really huge intelligence. It is true though, that when she does not want to do something, she is not going to do it. But it happens really rarely. She is great guarding dog of house and yard. But as soon as I shake hand with visitors, she respects them. She is very devoted to me and accompanies me everywhere - shopping, visits and even stays by my side on my way to a toilet and waits for me even in front of a shower. She was used in hunting season 2016/2017 in pheasantry. My own legs are not good anymore so we wait until the whole cavalery of hunters and their dogs are gone and after that we start our routine. Our record is 21 found shooted animals in one day. We work on places that were searched through by ober 20 dogs before, but she know her job and how to do it.
(January 2017)

November 2021: Čikitka works with great enthusiasm together with two brittanys of Mrs. Hodová, who also makes great photos and so we have many pictures of working Chikita.

Sisters Chikita and Chanel met after 1 year.

Litter CH z Lhotecké linie

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