brittany (white-orange)
born 10.6.2004
breeding female
breeder: Manganello Giancarlo
HD 2/0

15.05.2005 Konopiste / club / young cl.: Exc.1, CAJC; 14.05.2006 Konopiste / club / open cl.: Exc.1 (JUDr.K.Nývlt); 20.05.2007 Litoměřice / internetional / open cl.: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB 10.05.2009 Konopiste / club/ tř.pr.: Exc.1, CAC, Club Winner

Hunting exams:
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In the ne of October 2009 Duna came to our kennel. She comes from Italy, sired by Iago del Pellegrinotti and her dam is Fela, both very well gifted for hunting. Origin of Duna made her for trial competitions, and since now she has been on many. She recieved the Trialer title, which is given by club to dogs which succesfully pass spring and autumn FT. Duna did it! She represented several times our country at the Championships for pointers. In the end of her hunting career she was placed on 2nd place at St. Hubert Cup in Konpiste.
Is possible she will return for the hunting competitons, but at the moment I use her in practice - as all of my dogs she is working in pheasantry Konopiste. I hope she is going to be succesful in competitions as well as in practice and breeding.
2011: Until now Duna became mother of two litters - „S“ sired by Kokes (Odin z Taranky) and litter „T“ sired by Robur z Taranky. The last mentioned litter made in working lines of Mr. Pellegrinotti was outstanding. Already two sons, Torro and Theo, succesfully passed though the test natural abilities, both in age less than 10 months in 1st prize. Male Torro was also already qualified for the Cup of Pardubice comissioner, where only qualified dogs out of four East Czech regions are presented. He was placed as 5th out of 16 dogs. Female Therese recieved CAJC and BOB at Club show, in age less than 10 months. Duna could be very proud of her offsprings!
In 2012 Duna had next very nice litter. Now she is retired from breeding, but we appreciate the quality of her puppies. Now she is enjoying life of senior dog. Duna decided to move to my sisters place, where she will help to train other dogs for FT. This activity she enjoys so much!
Duna spent the end of her life with her children - Theo and Vierka in Velke Nemcice. There she lived satisfied life surrounded by love of her children and new owners. She died in autumn 2016.

litter "V" was very successful

daughter Viera z Taranky

Theo retrieving

Theo's winter romance

daughter Tillia

daughter Sophia

Varenne is successful
at shows

World Junior Champion

Daughter Vassy is Specialty show winner

Torro is Specialty show winner and BOB,
but he is also impressive at trials.
Photo from 2014

Duna with her children and puppy of Braque d'Auvergne.

Trailer Duna

Duna in high speed

Loves pointing


litter in 2012

Sire of the litter in 2012 was Atos du Ch.Jencenstejn, last son of Targui

Litter on a trip

Varenne at show in Bratislava

Which one?

Victoire became best puppy of special shoe in Milevsko 2012

Proud mum Duna, litter 2010

Tsar already hunts

Tsar and Tristan


Therese, called Ťapka

Theo in terrain


Tankred and Tsar





Theo is winning at shows and doing well at hunting tests.



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