Harricana z Taranky

epganeul breton (red and white)
born 18.10.2019
breeder: Helena Dvořáková (kennel z Taranky)
owner: kennel z Taranky

Excellent (Dr. Nosek)

Hunting tests:


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In 2019 I gave my bitch Molly to my friend as I was convinced that due to my helth issues I will never breed dogs again. Anyway I insisted on a puppy in return one day to have a hunting dog for my husband. But when an opportunity occured to have a female, a little spark of breeding ambition is again with us. The bitch is officially named Harricana, but we call her "Matylda" and she is growing up into a lovely female with nice temperament. She is also extraordinary talented hunting dog with a natural retrieving instinct and excellent work in terrain. She has the badluck that her owners are not agile as they used to be and so her hunting walks are not as frequent as our dogs used to have. She also loves water, but her owner didn't start with a proper training yet. Anyway she performed an amazing jon the whole last season in pheasantry.

2022: Our Matylda was mated with Agir Kajan z Baštin and whelped 6 lovely pups (2 boys and 4 girls). Due to her mother duties, she could not be used duting the whole hunting season in pheasantry and only enjoyed the end of it - January/February 2023. Anyway she did very good job. Also her children turned out very well and so we decided to keep one of her daughters. Her name is Igraine and we call her Jiskra (means spark).
So my husband will be very busy with raising little Jisrka and traning Matylda for working tests, which will be in September, which is also a month when Matylda regularly comes on heat...

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