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Ramona Srdcové Eso

patterdale terrier
Born 17.5.2010
Breeder: Hodová Zuzana, Újezd nad Lesy
Keeper: kennel "z Taranky"


Huntign tests:
The breed is not FCI recognized breed and therefore is not allowed to take park on any actions organized by CMMJ.

Ramona, called Rhomy, came back from France, where she should have start petterdale terrier breeding at kennel of my friend Chantal. Unfortunately great temperament of petterdale didn't fot together with calm temper of landseer pack and Rhomy came back to our place in spring 2012. Already in the same year she gave us very nice red litter with Archie ze Smolinky /Aris/ - photos can be found on site of Archie. The future will show us about hunting ability of their children.

Rhomy is filled up with temper and loves to work.
In 2014 she took earth trials in Slovakia and did well. She turned out to be a passionate hunter in earth and is wonderful partner during hunts.

At the end of 2015 I was in hospital for few months and Ramona was pregnant at that time. I asked Mrs. Hodova, my friend and PT breeder, to take care of her and her puppies. She stayed with her satisfied in the pack of other patterdales, she put on weight but she does not miss work in pheasantry. Mrs. Hodova uses the pack of PTs and other hunting dogs for work with pheasants. (january 2017)

Earth work in pheasantry 2014

Rhomy as a puppy

in France

litter in 2012

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