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Stampa de la Tuile au Loup

beauceron - black and tan
born 14.03.1994
breeder: S. Giannone, Belgium
breeding bitch
rtg DKK 0/0

12.5.1996 IDS Prag / open cl.: very good 2 (Dr. Stanko)
7.6.1996 WS Budapest / open cl.: excellent 3 (Luciano Bernini)
7.7.1996 Special show of french sheep dogs Issum (Germany) open cl.: exc. 2 (S.Giannone)
13.10.2002 IDS Ceske Budejovice / veteran cl.: exc. 1, The Best veteran
11.10.2003 IDS Ceske Budejovice / veteran cl.: exc. 1, The Best veteran

Stampa was never used for breeding as I did not find a good stud for her. Anyway she became my favourite companion on hunts and as well in privacy. We have spent together a lot of beautiful moments together!
Her hunting successes: more than 10 pieces of founded roes. Stampa took a part on hunderts of pheasant hunts in Konopiste pheasantry, pieces which she found could be counted in thousands.
Stambe went over the rainbow bridge after long life filled up with love in age of 17 years and 16 days on 30th March 2011.
I will never forget her! Unhappy owner.

cake for 17th birthday / Stampa 17 years


I will taste..


A little piece..

Having a rest after

Cake for 15th birthday

Stampa and cake

Starts to taste

friends from

Finishing the cake

Spring time

Winter time

When battueing
we have to go
to the watter

On hunts in Konopiste

Mine, all mine


On hunt -

Surcouf and Stampa

Dog of many faces

Stampas surprise-
shoes are flying?

I will take care...

According to the rules

Watter is good for drinking
and bathing

Stampa 13 birthday

Stampa 2006

Stampa 12 years

12 years party

Meeting of BC club,
12 years

Stampa celebrates
10 years

When I was 10

Portrait 10 years

Young beauty

My arrival
to the new home

At new home

On hunt at Konopiste

It was enough,
Stampa said

Stampa celebrates 14 years

en face in 10 years

Stampa - 14 years

Grandmother of Stampa
Ulma de Montglane

Roi du Ru dOly, grandfather of Stampa,
was a first-rate working dog

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