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Surcouf du Domaine de Val Kurlande

born: 14.03.2001
breeder: Lhuillery Chantal, F-285 00 Vernouillet, Franc
stud male
since 5.3.2003 owner is Ing. Magdalena Zalesakova, Panska Dolina 51, SK-949 01 Nitra, Slovakia

I brough Surcouf to CZ to improve breeding of landseers. The spread of the breed is often conneted with name of Josef Lux, kynolog and politician. After he left politician scene, of health reasons, he wanted to focus on landseers and import new dogs (he imported male Arese vom Horgenerberg from Switzerland and female Karola von Sorel from NDR before he became politician. This breeding pair influenced breeding in CZ for many years). But destiny did not let him to do it. Thats why I decided to import male from the best kennel in France, which is also one of the best kennels in Europe. Male Surcouf, which I had to wait one year for, was a very nice piece. But it was difficult to use him for breeding in club in our country - so I gave him to my friend and landseer breeder to Slovakia - Mrs. Zalesakova. With her females he had many nice descendants.

Surcouf and Emil

Grandchild Aras as a baby and in 5 months

Here Surcouf was born

and here he lives

Breeder Mrs. Lhuillery
with Surcoufs father

Buying of Surcouf

Surcouf 11 months

Surcouf - head

On the show - Katowice

BOB landseer
Zefyr Buganka,
the most successful son of Surcouf

Zefyr loves winter

Ch. Zefyr Burganka,
Club winner for many times

Small landseers
are like teddy bears,
Surcoufs grandchildern

Zefyrs kids,
Surcoufs grandchildern

Ch. Arween Hope of the Sea,
daughter of Surcouf

Celsius Buganka,
son of Surcouf

Surcoufs head

Lerhoye, Neyrhus,
grandfather and dad of Surcouf

Pat and Patachon
Landseer Surcouf
and a brittany puppy

Me with Neyrhus

Attacked by predators

The first litter with Kerry Buganka

Surcouf as a real
landseer loves watter

Sofa is the best

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