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Ulysée z Taranky

Epagneul breton (black and white)
born 10.5.2012
breeder: Helena Dvořáková
owner: kennel z Taranky


Club shoe Konopiště 2013 - Exc.2 (junior cl. - Navrátil P.)
Specialty show Milevsko 2014 - Exc.2, Res. CAC (open cl. - H. Ahrens, A)

Zkoušky: ZV(TAN) 1st merit

2013: Ulysée, called "Kavka", is a daughter of Odin z Taranky and Therese z Taranky. This year she will show her self to the world, but she is already now well experienced hunter. Since her 4 months she work with me in pheasantry and her hunting gift is spectafular. Time will show if also gifts for FT will appear.

January 2017: Kavka remained pationate hunter and water dog. She is able to work in water one hour without a break, she is swimming all the time looking for birds hidden in reed. When she is done I can be sure no birds are left. She also prooved her qualities as a brood bitch. She have us lovely and gifted pups.




Augia during canistheraphy


Arrigo is gardener

litter Y

son Yuma

Yuma is pointing

son Yukon

Yukon ice bath

Litter A with tutor

Litter X was big

Xavier, stud male

Xav lives in Slovakia

Xia brood bitch

Ulysée at hunting tests

Ulysée in action




Yumba on the left, Youri on the right

From the left Youri and Yula

from the bottom Yumba, Youri and Yula

Yoko Ono


Yuma and Yukon

Ulysée je odmala v terénu

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